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I never thought my life would be like this. This is the last thing someone expect to happen to their life. But it is what it is. I can’t change it and now actually I really don’t care about. Life will take me as it like. I will not be more or less happy.

Today when I was coming back from my work, I saw a couple. They were buying banana together. Very simple and common sight in out country but that sight got me. I can’t took my eyes away from. They were examining the bananas together. like it as such an important matter to discuss.

I feel sad. I often feel sad seeing this kind of sights.

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One Comment on “Let’s talk”

  1. Yes, this is life. Everything what I see in my regular life,that reminds me other thing what I was dreaming with other else. That will be happen with me with that special one. But now! I am with my own.

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